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Your One- Stop Dental Practice Wilmington NC.  From regular teeth cleanings to dental implant surgeries, we provide our patients with a variety of services.  99% of our patients’ dental needs are taken care of in our office! For a healthier …

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Family Dental Practice Wilmington NC | Dan Dube D.M.D. General and Reconstructive Dentistry

We are committed to providing individuals and families throughout the metro area with top-notch family dental practice Wilmington NC care. Our Family Dental Practice Wilmington NC location is conveniently located off Carolina Beach Road in Monkey Junction.  Our mission is …

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Comprehensive Dental Clinic Wilmington NC | Best Dentist Wilmington NC | Dan Dube D.M.D. General and Reconstructive Dentistry

Need a significant dental procedure done? Have a fear of dentist? No problem. The Dental Clinic Wilmington NC at Dan Dube D.M.D. General and Reconstructive Dentistry consults each patient on a one-to-one basis to ensure the best experience possible.

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“Thank you for referring your friends and family. It is the highest compliment we can receive”

Dr. Dube is a native of Augusta, Georgia, and a graduate of the University of GA in Athens. He received his dental degree from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. Following dental school, Dr. Dube attended an Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency program at the University of Missouri, Kansas City, Dental School. This residency focused on advanced restorative dentistry, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry.Dr. Dube is a proud father of two. Dan’s wife Julie is a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner with coastal Carolina Neonatology. His personal interests revolve around wildlife management and conservation on his farm where he can be found almost every weekend. That is of course if Julie allows him to go.

- Dan K. Dube, D. M. D.

Dentist Wilmington NC | New Patient Special Offers

Special Offers for Our New Patients at our Dentistry in Wilmington NC.

As a way of saying “Thank You” at our dentistry to those who reside in the Greater Wilmington area & surrounding counties, we offer complimentary dental products & procedure specials.

We hope these benefits help make your 1st visit a more affordable way to start your dental care. Call and make your appointment soon to find out why so many people have chosen us as their preferred Dentist in Wilmington NC. As a first time new patient, you have the option to choose one of the three specials listed below:

Complimentary Sonicare Toothbrush in Wilmington NC

The Philips Sonicare toothbrush is the #1 recommended brand by dental professionals worldwide. The Sonicare Toothbrush has easy removable heads that you can switch out for different brushing experiences.

Complimentary X-Rays (panoramic & bitewings) in Wilmington NC

At every new patient appointment, Dr. Dube needs to not only examine the outside of your teeth but also the inside. This prevents small unseen problems from getting to big.

**x-rays cannot be an option for patients with insurance**

Complimentary Teeth Whitening in Wilmington NC

Your smile is the first thing people notice. Come in today for your first visit and get a free teeth whitening to help bring back the natural white coloring of your teeth.

Meet Our Dental Team in Wilmington NC.

The dental staff at Dan Dube General & Restorative Dentistry are dedicated to bringing superior service to all of our patients in the Wilmington area. We are ready to help you meet your new smile.


At Dan Dube General & Reconstructive Dentistry, we want to help our patients stay up-to-date, and have a multitude of resources available to them in Wilmington NC.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Dan Dube Dentistry, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions below.

Why should I visit the dentist?

To prevent, detect, and treat any abnormalities or disease that may occur in or around the mouth.

How often should I visit the dentist?

At a minimum, annual dental examinations are often recommended, but should be based on individual needs. Some people will need to see the dentist more frequently depending on their increased risks for oral diseases and their dental needs. Make an appointment today to figure out what schedule is best for you.

Why do I need a complete dental examination?

To check soft tissues (oral cancer screening), screen and examine for periodontal disease and cavities, and to chart existing restorations and other tooth conditions. Dental radiographs (x-rays) may be needed to assist the dentist in locating disease that cannot be seen by the eye.

How do I know when it’s time to come in for a checkup?

Your hygienist will help you understand what recall interval is needed to keep your mouth healthy. We will schedule your next appointment before you leave. We will also send you a reminder card and give you a call.

What is your appointment cancellation policy?

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to put our years of training and experience to work for you!! We truly look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your oral healthcare needs.

Kindly notify us at least two (2) days in advance, should any unforeseen or emergency circumstances prevent you from making your scheduled appointment.

Welcome to our practice! You’ll be pleased you’ve selected Dan Dube Dentistry as your Wilmington, NC general dentist.

Our entire team takes pride in providing you and all new patients with gentle personalized care done the right way the first time. Dr. Dube takes the time to make a professional diagnosis and carefully explain it to you.

We have reserved a new patient appointment for you which will last approximately 90 minutes. During this visit, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan that specifically meets your dental goals.

Our Hygienists and Dental Assistants are trained to work with you to help provide a comfortable and understanding environment to begin the treatment process. They will show you home care techniques that, if utilized correctly, will help your teeth remain healthy. Our Financial Coordinator will discuss your treatment needs and go over insurance benefits & payment options available to you.

Please fill out the following forms prior to coming to our office and bring with you to your first appointment.

-New Patient Package.

-Medical History Form.

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is a set of standards created by the U.S. Congress to streamline the flow of information in the healthcare system and protect your personal health information. As part of our compliance with HIPAA, we provide you with a notice of Privacy Practices and ask you to sign a form acknowledging your receipt of the Notice.

Records Release Form

– Release Forms


Preventative, Cosmetic, and Restorative Dentistry.

At Dan K. Dube, D.M.D., your overall oral health is our primary concern. We want you to feel relaxed and at ease when visiting us. Some of the dental services that we offer include the following:

Dental Implants Wilmington NC- Don’t be afraid of Dental Implants. Dan Dube D.M.D. General and Reconstructive Dentistry is here!

Dental Implants Wilmington NC | Dan Dube D.M.D. General and Reconstructive Dentistry Dental implants Wilmington NC are long-lasting tooth root replacements that are placed into the jawbone to simulate the root of a pre-existing tooth. For qualified patients, replacement teeth …

Preventative Dentistry Wilmington NC | Dan Dube D.M.D. General and Reconstructive Dentistry 

While modern dentistry offers many solutions for dealing with oral diseases- the best solution is to prevent these diseases from ever starting. That is what the field of preventative dentistry Wilmington NC is all about.      Preventative dentistry Wilmington …

Crowns Wilmington NC | Crowns and Bridge Dentistry Wilmington NC | Dan Dube D.M.D. General and Reconstructive Dentistry

Bridges and porcelain crowns Wilmington NC can be used to offer permanent solutions to many dental problems. Unlike dentures, crowns and most bridges are cemented onto existing teeth, or sometimes to implants. They can only be removed by a dental …

Dental Bonding Wilmington NC | Dentist Wilimington NC | Dan Dube D.M.D. General and Reconstructive Dentistry

Dental bonding Wilmington NC refers to the procedure in which a special resin material is applied to a tooth, or to multiple teeth, and then hardened through the use of an intense light. This light bonds the material to the …

Dentures Wilmington NC | Partial Dentures Wilmington NC | Dan Dube D.M.D. General and Reconstructive Dentistry

Dentures Wilmington NC allow those who have lost some or all of their teeth to regain normal eating and speaking habits.  Also dentures boost their self-confidence and to promote all-around oral health. What is the difference between dentures and partial …

Implant Supported Dentures Wilmington NC | Dentist Wilmington NC | Dan Dube D.M.D. General and Reconstructive Dentistry

Implant supported dentures Wilmington NC are defined as over-dentures, affixed to the gums via the use of implants.  For patients who have dentures that fit too loosely or simply feel uncomfortable, an implant supported denture Wilmington NC offers greater comfort. …

Root Canal Wilmington NC | Dentist Wilmington NC | Dan Dube D.M.D. General and Reconstructive Dentistry

A root canal Wilmington NC is performed only when a tooth has decayed significantly, or when it has become infected. The root canal procedure involves the complete removal of the nerve and pulp of the tooth; the inside of the …

Porcelain Veneers Wilmington NC | Dentist Wilmington NC | Dan Dube D.M.D. General and Reconstructive Dentistry

Porcelain veneers Wilmington NC are incredibly thin shells of tooth-colored material that are custom-made and affixed to the front surface of existing teeth. Dentists can provide patients with teeth that differ in color, shape, or length by bonding veneers to natural …


Why Choose Dan Dube Dentistry in Wilmington?

Dr. Dube and his staff has been Wilmington’s premiere dentist for over 10 years.

First and foremost, we believe our array of services is matched only by our great customer service. Dr. Dube boasts a staff that is compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring.

Every patient receives personalized diagnosis and recommendation based on their specific needs. Unlike other dentists or dental offices, we want to make sure you understand your oral health and treatment. Your questions and concerns are top priority in our office. Please take a look at some of the comments from our happy patients.

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